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Host Home Provider Requirements

Interested in becoming a host home provider? We would love you to join our family! Below are the TLC Connection Host Home Provider General Requirements. 

Our Host Home Provider Application is now online!

The following are general requirements for all TLC positions (including contractor, respite, and volunteer positions):



            A. All individuals must receive information about Hepatitis B hazards and must sign a consent if

they wish to receive the vaccination series. All individuals with occupational exposure must 

receive the series free of charge unless they have received it in the past or they decline.

B. Individuals must not have or be a carrier of a serious infectious or communicable disease,

    such as but not limited to, incurable, fatal or debilitating diseases, which cannot be eliminated

    or reduced by reasonable accommodation. An example would include, but not be limited to,

    active tuberculosis. Determination of the existence of a serious disease is to be made by the

    proper medical authorities. This is for all employees and contractors, because there is no

               position which has the protection or isolation that would guarantee the safety of the people

                TLC serves.

C. All individuals must be tested for tuberculosis prior to initial contact with the people in services.

D. All individuals who will be handling or processing food must not have any of the infectious or communicable diseases listed by the Secretary of Health and Human Services.


  1. All individuals must not have been convicted of abuse, molestation, violent acts, assault, or serious crime, including any acts of moral turpitude.

  1. All individuals must not have been convicted of or have a record of theft (misdemeanor or felony, including voided bond coverage). All individuals must complete the necessary release form to conduct a criminal record check.

  2. All individuals must not have a record of a founded report of moral turpitude, abuse, or molestation of a child or dependent adult or other related offenses.

  1. All individuals must not have been convicted of a drug related offense.


  1. Individuals must not be involved in a serious and preventable incident(s)/accident(s)/occurrence(s)/event(s), including but not limited to verbal abuse, during their association with TLC.

  2. No individual can have a confirmed record of involvement in two or more preventable non-serious incident(s)/accident(s)/event(s), including but not limited to verbal abuse, with prior employers or during their association with TLC.

  3. All individuals must complete the necessary paperwork authorizing TLC to receive a copy of their Department of Motor Vehicle driving record.

  4. Individuals who are involved in a serious incident, accident, and/or occurrence during the course of their employment/contract with TLC must report it to their supervisor immediately.

  5. Individuals must have no more than 3 moving violations in the last 3 years and must report all moving violations to their supervisor immediately.


A. The illegal use of drugs and alcohol at the work place is prohibited. Federal laws supersede

     Colorado laws and will be held as the standard.

B. Individuals must not be found to be under the influence of alcohol or engaging in the use of

     illegal drugs at the workplace.

C. All individuals must conform with all the laws regarding a drug free workplace. Individuals

    engaging in the illegal use of drugs or who are alcoholics, will be held to the same standards

    for employment or job performance and behavior to which all other employees are held, even

    if unsatisfactory performance or behavior is related to individual’s drug use or alcoholism or if

    they possess a medical marijuana card.

D. Employees may be subject to drug testing upon suspicion of drug/alcohol use. 


Previous employment history and reference checks will be conducted on all individuals. TLC will contact all industry related work locations listed on the application, including any Community Centered Boards. A full credit report will be conducted on any employee in a financial position at TLC.


All individuals must be able to read and speak the English language sufficiently to converse with the general public, understand the policies and procedures of the facility, understand sign and signals in the English language, respond to official inquiries, and to make entries on reports and records.


  1. All individuals must have corrected vision sufficient to pass Colorado Driver’s test (if qualification specifies need to drive).

  2. All individuals must have corrected hearing sufficient to use telephone with amplifier.


  1. All individuals must fill the following requirements in time span specified:

  1. Medication Administration within 30 days of their hire date for those individuals who assist/monitor medications: Medications re-certifications at least annually. All individuals who have committed three medication errors within a one-year time period, will be required to re-take the Medication Administration course.

  2. CPR/First Aid within 90 days of hire. CPR and First Aid expire after a designated time and must be renewed to remain current.

  3. Testing requirements for Chaperone training must be met, when required for the position.

  1. It can be reason for dismissal if the above are not fulfilled in time allotted.


  1. All individuals must participate in TLC’s general orientation and nursing orientation. When possible, TLC is prepared to make accommodations in administering required tests and/or exams.

  2. Prior to unsupervised contact with individuals with disabilities, all individuals must complete training in the overview of developmental disabilities and system values, emergency procedures, rights, confidentiality, incident reporting, program specific orientation including health and safety.

  3. Individuals who have not completed and passes the medication Administration Course are not to assist or monitor the consumer in purchasing or administering any medications, including over the counter medications.

  4. Chaperone training must be completed prior to placement, if required by the Community Centered Board.


A. All individuals must attend all the necessary hours of in-service training for their positon as

    determined by TLC and/or the Dept. of Human Services.

B.  All individuals must attend general staff meetings and interdepartmental staff meetings.

C. Individuals must maintain current CPR/First Aid, HIPAA, Medication Administration, Infection

    Control, Medicaid Fraud Reporting and MANE training. Employee’s wages will be reduced to

    minimum wage for failure to meet these requirements.


            During Business hours employees are expected to present a clean and neat appearance and to

           dress according to the requirements of their positions. Shorts are acceptable but must be of

            moderate length.


            All individuals must complete the necessary release forms in conjunction with the employment

application, including but not limited to, criminal record check, driving background check, previous employer’s checks, child abuse registry check, social security trace, etc.


            All individuals must maintain confidentiality. The form must be signed.


            A. All individuals must read/sign TLC Vehicle Insurance Policy and must provide proof of

                insurance coverage.

            B. All individuals who transport people in services are to keep a copy of TLC’s Vehicle

                Accident/Emergency Procedure in their vehicles.

            C. Driving records will be obtained before the person is allowed to transport any person served

                by TLC. Individuals must have a clear driving record to drive company owned vehicles.

            D. Individuals are unable to drive a company vehicle or t drive clients in a privately-owned vehicle

                if they are under 21 years of age, have their license currently suspended or revoked, have

                been licensed for less than three (3) years, regardless of age, or are not licensed in Colorado.

            E. Individuals are disqualified from driving a company vehicle if they have a history of one or

                more DUI/DWI/OUI/OWI or any other violation deemed unacceptable by TLC’s liability


            F. Individuals who transport TLC clients will be oriented to TLC’s vehicle safety and operations

                procedures and will complete TLC’s driver training prior to unsupervised contact. This

                training consists of defensive driving passenger handling, vehicle safety checks and

    emergency and accident procedures.


A. All Horst Home Providers must have a computer with printer/scanner/fax capability and

     internet access in their homes.

            B. All employees, Host Home Providers and respite contractors must compete training in TLC’s

                online record and data collection system, Therap, and must keep all documentation reports

                and communication for the people TLC serves in Therap. 

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